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Frequently Asked Questions

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Individual Therapy

Therapy plan

At the first consultation we will make a non-binding and individual therapy plan. You will get pricing information and video links for your specific case. You will get everything sent to you via email – immediately.

Dental work covered by insurance

Dental work which should last a life long costs. However, stopping the degradation of your jaw can generally be covered by insurance!

Dental work step-by-step

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Don’t worry, your dental work can be adjusted to your wishes and planned over a longer period of time.

Family Bonus

Family member

You’ve been convinced by our services and want to help end dental suffering? Someone in your family has a dental issue? Introduce him to us.

Family check-ups

Make an appointment together – that saves time. If you make your appointment in advance, you won’t have a long wait. This way, even your dental visit will become an adventure for your children.


Know the feeling? You don’t know what you should give as a gift? Give your loved ones the courage to improve their dental health. Dental phobia doesn’t need to be everlasting! Find out more in our office.

How do I begin?


Contact us

Whether per email, Facebook, WhatsApp or phone, we’re here for you. Make an appointment for your personal consultation!

First Consultation

We take an X-Ray and go through it together. You receive everything as a PDF, including a price list and video links.

Treatment begin

You decide! As soon as you now which treatment you would like, let us now and we will make the necessary appointments together.

End your dental suffering!