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Dental Forum = Health

When I started the dental forum in 2003 the internet was still in its early days. It was just at this time that Web 1.0 was changing to Web 2.0. What do I mean? Web 1.0 was marked by the linking up of information – the famous hyperlink, by means of which one could move from one bit of information to the next. In Web 2.0 the consumer became the producer – people put their own posts on social platforms and uploaded photos and so on.

Up to this time the internet was characterized by “helping one another“. One could find small communities everywhere which helped their members with particular problems. Fora, credit card payments, photo and video up/download – none of this was fully developed for the market yet and so people helped each other with tips and suggestions. It was an exciting time, with an air of ‘togetherness’.

In Web 3.0 – the intelligent (semantic) web – commercialization came in and a lot of this “pioneering feeling” has gone. It is much harder for you to get your bearings. Nowadays everything can be bought, including Facebook ‘Likes’ or ‘Google + Likes’, machines can imitate human traffic and ratings are often produced by ghostwiriters getting paid to do so. Nonetheless, you can still find a good dentist in your area – all you have to do is remain aware when surfing! Consider too that you can help others with a simple post. Try and you’ll see that you will get something that you can’t buy for yourself with money – a good feeling.

I have left the forum on the old website since it is known at this url. Whilst an automatic redirection could be set up, the old site still gives some idea of how the internet was at the time, so there are now 2 Denta-Beaute websites. This forum is in no way intended to stir up controversy. It is simply there to help you regain good dental health. If you want to get active then you have to register. When you right-click on the tab you will be redirected to the dental forum. If this is your first visit, please first read through the Help – FAQs . As a guest you can read posts and browse – simply search the forum for whatever you are interested in. Please don’t forget, when reading posts, that here you will find a negative array of incidents from dental medicine since the satisfied clients don’t post! We should also not forget that we are only hearing/seeing one side – audiatur et altera pars!

You can also find various videos about dental medicine on our YouTube channel. If you’re on Facebook, we’d be glad to have your FB friendship. Platforms such as YouTube and Facebook give us the possibility of explaining illness and health issues in a different way and it is well worth looking at illness and health from a different point of view. Unfortunately we do not have the time to do this during our busy routine at the clinic – there we cure illnesses with the mindset of a dayfly – we have to do everything we can in the time we have available.