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News about dental topics
Here you can find various articles about different topics connected with dental health. You can also read/see more on other portals like or . As a registered guest you can comment directly about posts. We will be glad to receive your feedback. Dental health starts with information. No one will care about your body as much as you do yourself.

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  • A dental compendium
    We give you a list of the best videos to watch on a particular topic - and in that order.
  • Jaw pain-jaw joint pain-face pain
    Jaw pain-jaw joint pain, what is to be done? It happens unexpectedly while talking, yawning, or chewing-suddenly you recognise a stitch and the mouth opening area starts hurting and is often restricted. What is to be done? First of all: Keep calm, cause like every other joint, the jaw joint can be strained. It often […]
  • Tongue cancer video: better than reports!
    There is already quite a lot of literature on tongue cancer and cancer, we also provide information via the first ever dental video lexicon!
  • Dentist check
    Is it possible for patients to check their dentists? We say: Yes! How to reveal an unethical dentist? – – Let´s keep the bad tooth, is he getting bad before, we can use it for the dentures. Ouch: Teeth are not becoming bad! If the dentist argues that way he has no conception of dentistry-more on […]
  • Costs of fillings-plastic fillings-pain
    How to choose a proper filling material? Pain after dental filling-why? Costs of fillings?! It is common to develop cavities on the posterior teeth due to several reasons.  The size of the teeth; they are bigger and have deep grooves. Another reason is the lack of proper brushing technique,  or inadequate brushing time. It is […]