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What’s the best way to fill a gap?

An implantologist, would recommend an implant, a maxillary surgeon would recommend a brace, a dentist would go for a bridge, a prosthetist would advise a denture. But what is the ideal solution to missing teeth for you? People usually recommend what they can provide! We solve the prolem by having all the practitioners under one roof. For you this not only means objective, unbiased explanations but also that you don’t have to go to the trouble of driving around to all the various practitioners.

In addition, thanks to the quality circle, we regularly exchange news and views and thus come up with new treatment options – this puts us in a position to handle even the most complex restorations. The dental specializations give us another advantage, namely more routine, giving you shorter treatment times and better results.

Our costs are also reduced through our quality circle. How? Due to the high volumes of patients and the many doctors we obtain special conditions when purchasing our materials. In addition, all the doctors share the office, the overheads, sterilization, x-rays and various other costs. All this reduces the cost of replacing teeth!

A team is always changing but over the years a core team has developed which is complimented by colleagues from abroad, interested students and guest doctors

– Ioana Dejeu (periodontology, endodontology, prosthetics)
– Viola Polei (periodontology assistant)
– Jaroslav Belsky (oral surgery, implantology, implant prosthetics)
– Maximillian Seemann (maxillary orthopaedics)
– Yvonne Sommer (cosmetic dentistry, bleaching, individual prophylaxis)
– Samir Joukhadar (dental technical laboratory Apollonia, prosthetics)
– Herwig Feik (anaesthesia)
– Christian Schopper (maxillo-oral-facial surgery)
– Dieter Hübl (ENT)
– Alexandra Hasenzagl (psychotherapist)
– Robin Echeverria (physiotherapy)
– and visiting doctors, students