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What is dentist phobia?

A lot of money is made out of dentist phobia (fear of the dentist) as all the tests on the market help very little or not at all with it. Fortunately none of these tests, tables or ‘fear questionnaires’ are needed. Have you every considered what dentist phobia really is? It’s about recorded memories – usually negative memories out of our childhood – being projected on a potential future! No one has ever suffered in the past or in the future though, everything happens only in the NOW.

We promise you that you will not suffer any pain. You have to be attentive and tell us immediately if something is uncomfortable. We too are attentive and focussed on you; if you tell us “hey, I can feel something” or “I don’t feel well” we will stop the treatment immediately and get out of your mouth. Everyone is afraid of pain but here you will not have any. Here wee can work together in order to ensure that there is no room for embarassment or a feeling of being ‘saved’. Unfortunately, both patient and dentist are frequently not attentive. The pateint is plagued by guilty feelings, shame and helplessness and the dentist is thinking about something else – and this creates an unpleasant atmosphere. The result is fear.