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How does an ideal first appointment go?

By asking this question we’d like to implement what we hear in your feedback but unfortunately it isn’t always possible to please all patients. A few would like to be treated immediately but most would prefer to have an initial consultation. In order to get a better picture of what happens at a first appointment at Denta Beaute we’ve prepared a video for you. When planning the first appointment transparency and good documentation are very important to us and a standardised procedure needs to be followed to ensure consistent quality. Of course, there is always space for individual wishes – simply let us know your wishes by phone or by mail. As a patient you always face the same problems at a doctor/patient meeting:

  • will the doctor recommend the ideal treatment or only what he is capable of?
  • is the doctor up to date with the latest developments?
  • will the doctor recommend alternatives or only the most expensive treatment?

Whilst these problems can be discussed nicely in terms of advertising slogans and formulations, they still won’t be solved. We’ve designed a system for the first visit in order to alleviate these problems. At the first appointment we collate results, produce diagnoses and draft a tailor-made treatment plan according to your wishes, complete with prices – and you receive all of this free of charge and in writing at home by email. Like this you can compare us with others, think about everything in peace and quiet and make sure things are completely clear.


How long will my teeth last?

Replacement teeth are warranted for 2 years by law. There are no guarantees, even though these are frequently promoted. Our aim is to overcome teeth problems for ever, together with you. Our motto is: Teeth for Life! We therefore make our warranty dependent on your cooperation. It may happen, for example, that a ceramic crown splinters after five years. If you attended your recalls regularly and maintained good oral hygiene then we will bear the costs – treatment means working together.

Theoretically a properly done replacement can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and this is our aim. In practice the lifespan of your teeth depends on many factors: your chewing pressure (a sweet old lady develops different chewing pressures to those of a 120 kilo man); the type of treatment (small/large inlays, quantity of implants); your care and of course from the way the work was carried out, i.e. our contribution. The most critical time is always the first 2 years. This “2 year rule” is a general one in medicine, in this time one can usually tell quite clearly how the dentition will develop.