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Periodontitis or periodontosis

Periodontitis in layman’s term (periodontosis) is an illness of the periodont (all the structures that hold teeth in place). Bone is lost due to inflammation, arising from plaque and the result is receding gums. Periodontitis is a slowly progressing illness and its symptoms include

Inflammation of the gums (Gingivitis) is not periodontitis. With gingivitis there is no destruction or loss of bone.. Risk factors for the development of periodontitis are

  • crooked teeth
  • un-erupted or partly erupted or badly positioned wisdom teeth
  • loose fillings
  • protruding crowns
  • root remains
  • smoking

The treatment of periodontitis has nothing to do with good oral cleaning. Patients with periodontitis need a periodontitis treatment (perio therapy). Antibiotics are useless, as is laser therapy . Bacterial smears – also called quick test – are also useless, apart from making your purse lighter.

Periodontitis is well treatable, as a rule. In order to help the treatment routine, smokers should quit smoking, a dental water jet and regular recals are also useful.