Dear Dr. Belsky,

You very kindly gave me a treatment plan when I came to see you on 9 April. I obviously do have ‘dentist phobia’; the part of the treatment I am most worried about is the paradontosis treatment; since it is normally carried out without local anaesthetic, or rather an anaesthetic gel. From previous experiences, I found this to be extremely unpleasant. Would it be possible to carry out this treatment using local anaesthetic for the most sensitive areas? I would certainly be willing to pay for it.

If I can be reassured that the initial treatment sessions will be ‘without pain’, I can certainly contemplate undergoing the whole treatment plan, since from my experience in the past, the most unpleasant part was the hygienist. I know that poor dental hygiene has brought me to this place, and I’m ashamed of that; but it is my belief that some health problems are a result of the psyche; mine being that when my mother died I started to lose sight of myself, and didn’t take as much care of myself as I should have. This was 2 years ago, but I know in myself that I need to sort it out and I want to put my trust in you and your team. I would like to take up your proposed treatment plan; but I guess I just need a bit of reassurance.

By the way, I have been looking at your forum and I think the work you are doing there is extremely admirable; you are an altruist in every sense of the word; giving up your time to helping others; sharing your knowledge of dentistry and ‘life wisdom’; with philosophical thoughts … that’s a truly marvellous thing in today’s world of ‘dog eat dog’. You should be enormously proud of that.

I am a member of your forum, but was hesitant to post this message on it due to my personal problems.

I would be so very grateful if you could give me a message of reassurance regarding the initial phases of my treatment; i.e. paradontosis behandlung und schmerzen. By the way, you can write a reply to me in German, because I understand almost everything .. I am just not able to write it well.

All best wishes and respect,

Thank you in advance,


Belsky Answered question 27. Mai 2013