Dear Dr. Belsky,
I made an appointment to come and see you next week on Tuesday, and I’ll be there. Aside from the dentistry, and through browsing your website, I see that you are someone who grapples with the ‘big’ questions. I just read ‘The God Delusion’ from Richard Dawkins, and I think I can assume you have also. I also see that you have a huge interest in particle and quantum physics; me too 🙂 I’m a huge fan of Brian Cox and his BBC series, Wonders of the Universe, Wonders of the Solar System, etc. Truly mind-boggling stuff… it is really refreshing to find a dentist with an interesting personality who is willing to share his thoughts about life and the universe! …I honestly look forward to meeting you. Your kind receptionist told me you speak English very well. Have you read ‘A Universe From Nothng’ by Lawrence M. Krauss? and ‘The Portable Atheist’ by Christopher Hitchens?? I can lend them to you if you are interested.
Sending you all best wishes,
Karen Dorner (I am English!)

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