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What is a good doctor?

One who prevents illnesses, isn’t he? This is difficult nowadays, since we have a system which only pays for illness – whereby money is made from illness. Just imagine what would happen if all those with high blood pressure or diabetes suddenly got well!

There have been big changes in all strata of society over the last years and medicine is no exception. More and more people are questioning the old stereotypes and our present time is marked by a lot of questions but with little time for answers. Unfortunately we too do not always have enough time in our clinics to answer all your health questions at full length, although many of the answers are already known. Thanks to the internet, however, anyone who likes to, can read them – for example here.

As doctors we can assert we’ve done our job well when most of us are no longer here. This looks a bit “bitter” from today’s point of view but it isn’t like that at all, as every change brings with it new tasks – as history teaches us. On the next pages you will find a lot of videos which should help you to get closer to your objective, which should help you to prolong your teeth’s health.

I thought long about whether I could make the videos any better but what really counts? – only the information. And that is precisely the motto on which these videos have come into being – sometimes early in the morning, sometimes at night, without any great planning. You decided on the direction with all the questions you have asked us over the years, whether by mail, in the dental forum or in the clinic. If you have suggestions for improvement, of if something isn’t clear then please just say so! In life there are many interesting things to experience. Should you one day no longer need Denta Beaute’ dental medicine maybe we’ll meet in your profession and you can introduce me to your world! In this connection I’d like to recommend to you a very interesting film on YouTube. Imagine how good the world would be if we could all become like Leonardo da Vinci.


What is a tooth’s career?

As a rule, dental problems begin with a small filling > large filling > root treatment > root resection > loss of tooth > small dental bridge > part-prosthesis or implant > loss of prosthesis or implant > a full prosthesis appears. In between there lie decades marked by fear, shame, high expenses and bad feelings. Many people go to a dentist at 60 and accept part or full prostheses. Would you be satisfied if, after 5 years of regular services on your car you only get the steering wheel back from the garage?

Would you like to bet that your bad teeth are mainly at the sides of your mouth? Why is this? If you really had bad teeth they would all be bad, including the lower front jaw teeth, wouldn’t they? It is our wish to break through this dogma of “bad teeth”. If the video convinces you, please pass it on as this will help others. Knowledge can lead us to a rethink but the decisive step – getting informed – must be taken by each himself!