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We implement modern technologies like CAD/CAM, 3D printers, scanners, etc.


We work according to evidence-based methods and/or the suggestions of the leading dental organizations.


Our dentists are constantly undergoing new education processes and the dental practice is constantly being evaluated for quality.

Tooth filling

We offer all materials, but if you want a filling which will last you a lifetime, ceramic is the way to go. If ceramic inlays are too expensive, you can get a reasonably long lasting (3-5 years) glass ionomer cement which is funded by your Austrian insurance coverer. If you want your teeth to shine, then gold inlays may be your material of choice. Whatever the material, we guarantee you a high-quality workmanship.

Preventative Medicine

The best medicine is preventative medicine. The end of your dental suffering is a concern to us, which we not only clothe in beautiful words, but underlay with deeds. You’ll find over 3000 videos in 5 languages, where we simply explain medical issues to prevent dental suffering. We’ve made a business out of illness, it’s up to us to change that again.


Sometimes the teeth are a bit out of line, no problem, with invisible brackets you can restore a harmonious dental arch. In consultation with the other specialist areas, treatment with brackets only takes place once all inflammatory changes in the mouth have been eliminated. Only in this way are stable conditions possible in the long term. Beautiful teeth are usually healthy teeth as well!

Aesthetic Dentistry

For a dental crown to look like a real tooth, the dental technician must see you. He observes your tooth color in person, finds the right shade for your crown and before inserting it, double checks it against your other teeth. Only then are perfect crowns possible. Sometimes, it takes a bleaching or gum correction to get a radiant smile – we offer you everything under one roof.

Children’s Dentistry

Modern day children’s dentistry. At the entrance, children are welcomed by our mermaid and Bruno the frog. Whether it is under local anesthesia or in general anesthesia, the same standards apply to childcare as to adults. Only the best materials (reference-class products) are processed according to the manufacturer. Together with you, the parents, we optimize the oral care, so that after a check-up, the dental ordeal is usually completed.

Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth removal, cyst surgery, bone augmentation surgery, sinus lift, recession coverage, periodontal surgical surgeries, tooth transplants, root cane resections, and more. We perform in high numbers in the in-house operating room. Routine shortens the duration of surgery and leads to better results.

Dental Accidents and Emergencies

In case of accidents, we can help immediately! You do not even have to call, just come over. Broken teeth, broken bones, wounds in the face of any kind, we can in our operation room and look at the case in terms of tooth preservation. The costs are covered by compulsory insurance, because we accept all insurances. We do not wish to get to know you like this, but in case of emergency, we are prepared.


if someone speaks of periodontal disease, then he usually has no idea about periodontology. Periodontitis is treated according to evidence-based guidelines. Laser treatments and bacteriological bag tests have not gained acceptance because of the lack of benefits. Nevertheless, these treatments are still offered for a lot of money. We only work with methods that have proven their usefulness. Almost all periodontids can be healed today.

Dental Prosthetics

Dental prosthetics refer to dentures, supply possibility of tooth gaps, empty jaw and the temporomandibular joint. The most common cause of tooth loss is tooth decay and periodontitis, more rarely accidents. Often, back teeth are not replaced – what most do not realize is that a lack of stable lateral support can lead to anterior tooth loss. Due to overloading of the anterior teeth, over time it will lead to anterior tooth loss, so the treatment of the lateral teeth is also important.


We have been using all standard implantological therapy procedures for almost 20 years. Punching, immediate restoration, immediate loading, socket shield technique, all on 4, navigated implantation and more. We have all the equipment for this in the house, be it a DVT, the CAD / CAM or the necessary 3D printer. So we are able to supply an empty jaw within only 2 dates – in the in-house OP.


The teaching of root canal treatment is endodontics. Dr. Dejeu and Dr. Wirth specialize in this field. Not only are new technologies being used, but we also provide regular training in this field. No matter if an old root canal treatment has to be repeated, or a broken instrument is to be recovered, with us you are in good hands, we will explain everything step by step with the help of animated videos, so you understand the treatment.

General Anesthesia

Dental treatments in general anesthesia are done according to hospital standards. You are nasally intubated, your trachea is free and artificially closed by us, so that nothing can enter in the trachea or lungs and you are also connected to a heart, lung, circulation monitoring systems. Two systems run parallel during each operation, so a failure is excluded.

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