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About Denta Beaute

The success story of Denta Beaute is simply explained – it’s you! When I was young I was lucky and was allowed to grow up with the Internet bubble. The people then lost their faith in conventional medicine, and they did not feel that alternative medicine filled the gap. So I was able to educate people about dental health via the internet, reaching a large audience and so Denta Beaute was made possible in 2003.

Due to high numbers of cases, surpluses could be achieved, which we reinvested in the operation. Today, Denta Beaute is one of the largest private dental practices in Vienna, you will find the complete dentistry under Denta Beaute under one roof. Whether devices (Cad / Cam, 3D printer, DVT, scanner, etc.) or services – the complete dentistry is offered compactly in one location. Today we can provide dental care for everyone and for a very good price. In Vienna price comparison our prices for dentures are in the bottom third! All this you have made possible – thank you!

Dentistry with a doctor's coat
Dentist at work

First consultation!?

What is an optimal first consultation like? Few customers want immediate treatment, but prefer a first interview first. And so it works, we take x-rays and then discuss them, you get everything by email and can think about everything at home in peace, before you make more appointments.

In the design of the first appointment, transparency and good documentation are important to us, and for quality reasons, a standardized process must be carried out, whereby, of course, there is always room for individual wishes. As a patient, one always struggles with the same problems in a doctor / patient conversation:

Does the doctor recommend me the optimal therapy, or only what he can do?
is the doctor at all on the current state of knowledge?
Does the doctor not only recommend the most expensive therapy for me?
With advertising slogans and clever phrases you can talk nicely about these problems, but not defuse them. We considered a first visit system to defuse these issues. What is that supposed to mean?

When you usually go to the dentist, then the moment you sit at the dentist’s chair, the dentist will incur costs, as he at least has to pay for an assistant. There are three colleagues who need to be paid, one in the sterilization department, one in the office and a chair assistant. Thus, one hour “chair time” – at our current opening times – costs about 250 € / hour. Due to this economic pressure, it is often “drilled quickly”, even if there is perhaps “nothing to drill”. At the end of the month, bills and salaries have to be paid.

We wanted to escape this vicious circle (illness = business) and since we can never know what a new patient needs, there will be an initial interview first, where we only talk to the patient and plan a possible therapy. Thus, we save 2 assistants, because on the days of first consultations there are simply fewer colleagues in the office! This saves costs and for you it means that “useless treatments are not done”.

At the first appointment we collect findings, make diagnoses and design according to your wishes a possible treatment plan including price information – and you will receive all this immediately in writing and sent by email home!

Our Dentists

Modern dentistry – that’s what Denta Beaute and our team believe in!
Dentist  Dr. Dejeu

Ioana Dejeu

Ioana did her education in Romania and studied in Austria and Germany. She is specialized in endodontology and periodontology.
Dentist Dr. Wirth

Dijana Wirth

The youngest of our team, her focuses are end and prosthetics. She joined the Denta Beaute Team in 2013.
Dentist DDr. Belsky

Jaroslav Belsky

After studying dentistry, he did the oral surgery education and specialized in implantology and oral surgery.

Denta Beaute wants to end dental suffering! With your help, we can!

Doctor and blood pressure measurements

Experienced employees

For more than 20 years we have been working in the medical world. Again and again, young colleagues come to our surgery to learn. This know-how is at your disposal!

constant trainings

Our entire team is constantly training, so it is possible to filter out the usefulness of all the hype that exists in the dental industry.

reachable 24/7

We’re always reachable. You can reach us at any time, either by mail, FB, or WhatsApp. If you have a tooth need, you can always contact us!

Patients experiencing pain are seen same-day

You have tooth pain and are a new patient? No  problem, acute treatments can be fit in at any time, thanks to our large team!



Comparison wished for!

If you want to know more about Denta Beaute, come on over and take a look! Our doors are open during the opening hours, even if you do not need dental treatment!


no hidden costs

You will receive a written therapy plan sent home, including all costs. During therapy, there are no unfortunate surprises regarding costs!

Our mission: ending dental suffering!

24/7 service – you can reach us around the clock via email and social media

+43 1 369 66 25

1190 Vienna, Billrothstrasse 12