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Aesthetic Dentistry

The creation of permanantly beautiful teeth takes the coordinated working together of dental specialists.

You can’t have pretty front teeth without healthy side teeth

Front teeth shouldn’t be used for chewing, as you could damage them. Hence the necessity of stabile side tooth support.
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Pretty teeth mean healthy teeth

Aesthetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that aims to achieve the natural beauty of one’s teeth. Today’s techniques and materials have long been tested and have also proven themselves in everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find the FAQs of aesthetic dentistry

Will bleaching my teeth be painful?

When done properly, bleaching doesn’t hurt. When not done properly, the process can lead to toothache. So-called ‘lamp bleaching’ should be avoided.

Is it possible to lighten a tooth from inside?

Yes, that’s possible – it’s called internal bleaching. The cause is generally a not optimally done root canal. Sometimes it makes sense to redo the root canal treatment before bleaching.

Is it possible to get brackets over 40?

Brackets can be done at any age. Thanks to the invention of invisible brackets, your professional life won’t be affected.

My 3rd teeth from the middle are yellower than the others.

The corner tooth is the most yellow of all – that’s the same with all of us. If that bothers you, you could, for example, have a veneer applied to change the color of the tooth.

Brackets and kissing

Kissing with brackets isn’t impossible! Kissing is always possible, no matter which brackets or retainer you wear – no tongue acrobatics necessary! Eating and laughing is, due to aligners, easy and enjoyable.

How long does the treatment take

Depending on the result wished for, one (i.e. only bleaching) to several appointments are necessary, until your smile radiate again. During the personal consultation, a therapy plan will be created including the time and appointments needed.

was sind Lumineers?

This is just one brand of ceramic veneers. There are different veneer manufacturers (= ceramic veneers). Whether or not something needs to be ground off the tooth does not depend on the brand, but simply on your tooth position.

Artificial Crowns and Bleaching

In principle, everything can be bleached – also artificial crowns – but you may not reach the desired effect. It’s easier to polish ceramic crowns.

How can I start?


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