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Pediatric Dentistry

Key to success? Quite simply: see the world through children’s eyes!


Only at the age of 10 are children able to brush their own teeth alone: because of their fine motor skills! For children under 10, make sure you do a post-brush!

EBM at child

As with adults, we also use evidence-based methods for children. Not everything that is offered in pediatric dentistry also makes sense!

General Anaesthesia

If there is a lot of work to be done, it is sometimes worth doing the treatment under general anesthesia. This takes place in our office, as it would in a hospital: your child will be cared for by 2 anesthetist colleagues, while we take care of the dental restoration!

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Modern Dentistry from A to Z under one roof

Denta Beaute has united several dentists under one roof, so top-dentistry is possible at the best price – for children co-pay free with insurance.

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We take an x-ray and go through it together. You get everything in writing with prices and video links sent home – as a PDF.

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You choose! As soon as you know which treatment you would like, let us know and we will make the necessary appointments with you.

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